Web Design

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What Do We Do?

"We design great things for you."

We will customize a responsive website to make your brand stand out and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Creating an interactive, responsive, fully functional website that meets your companies needs and keeps your customers attention is crucial.  An easy to navigate, multi-device, balanced website that targets the largest number of customers is our goal.

We design and build custom, professional websites for small businesses and organizations looking to grow online. Our services help businesses solve problems, reach more customers and drive growth.

We use the most current approaches & platforms to create a unique web site for each client.

How Do We Do It?

"We have a process."

BizGeez Website design process phases

We Plan

Together, we determine the scope requirements.  The final web site is determined and documented; including the site goals, number of pages, hierarchy, merchandising needs, language, web tools (i.e. Flash, carts, forms, animation, graphics) and other specialized content.

We Design

Sketches and page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance, the look and the feel of the website for visitors.  Art, logo and graphic concepts are designed. Social media and blogging preferences are determined.  Once these are reviewed and approved, web development begins.

We Create

The web pages are created in the determined language and platform to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements. Content and features are loaded.  The website is tested with multiple browsers for functionality.  The primary pages are reviewed by the client with appropriate feedback for revision.

We Compete

Internet marketing includes Search Engine Optimization, which is an important component in order to stay in front of your competitors and on top of search engines. SEO is ultimately about providing the user with the friendliest, fastest, best experience possible.  A happy visitor is a returning visitor.

We Maintain

Content is updated to maintain the most up to date, competitive and accurate website.  Social media is a constant and readers appreciate timely feedback.  Analytics, insights and SEO are setup and monitored to establish proper reach, develop effective strategy and make necessary changes.