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What Do We Do?

"We socialize for you"


Facebook is designed to make a business discoverable, connected, timely and insightful. A business page can help you reach large groups of people frequently, with messages tailored to their needs and interests. The analytics provide a deeper understanding of customers and marketing activities.

How It Will Work For You: Ingenious posts will draw potential clients to your business page. Provide a place that solves a problem.

What We Share: The things that people love; images, quotes, human faces, funny text/images/stories, powerful statements by celebrities, offers and discounts.

How We Share: We can develop a series of custom apps, email captures, document presentations and video sales pages. Promoted posts require at least 200 likes to use the service so a basket of promoted posts are created for anytime use.


Twitter is used for its ability to bring traffic to a site. 90% of tweets are designed to engage an interest and draw clicks to a site. When achieved, the site must manage the interest and move people to the sale. Crucial components of Twitter for marketing are voicing, frequency and landing pages. 

How It Will Work For You: Creative, down-to-earth, authentic tweets utilizing quotes from presentations and presenters, images from the site, facts and figures, and conversations will draw traffic.

What We Tweet: Teaser text and vocabulary that captures the voice of your company including information about products, testimonials, statement of benefits and at least 80% with links.

How We Tweet: A highly energetic, forceful yet sweet approach will represent the “voice” of all tweets. Voicing is the emotional mover in the tweet creation process.

How We Reach: A global list of hash tags (#) are developed to increase the reach of each tweet beyond the followers of the accounts.

How Often We Tweet: Large collections (40+) of innovative tweets are developed including links, hash tags, and images.


LinkedIn is designed to connect people and companies with like interests, after all, and your chances of finding a partner you can trust are greatly increased with the power of the network. It is the social network of choice for working professionals looking to make connections.   It is great for finding vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other third party resources as well as building yur brand.

How It Will Work For You: By actively post often so we can build your brand bit by bit, increasing likeability and gradually building the trust of your potential customer base through timely, relevant, and interesting posts.

What We Post: LinkedIn offers a perfect avenue through which to interact with your customer base, with surveys, messaging and comments.

Why We Post: It is a great avenue to promote new products and services. Networking with possible consumers by optimizing your account profile and company page, as well as consistently posting relevant and unique content, are both key elements of getting the most from LinkedIn.


Pinterest generates more referral traffic for businesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. Images that are developed for Facebook can be re-purposed on the website and then Pinned to Pinterest for increased traffic.

How It Will Work For You: Inspire curiosity by providing beautiful images that links back to landing pages and encourage supporters to Pin your stuff.

What We Pin: Pin images that inspire curiosity to click through the origin of the image and direct potential customers to landing pages, sales pages and websites and.

Why We Pin: To providing a way for your biggest supporters and customers to Pin and Re-Pin images from your site that will multiply marketing efforts.

Google +

Google+ obtains great search engine results, improves existing advertising spend, connects to a totally new audience, increases efficiency and connectivity, and much

How It Will Work For you: The Company “about” page is the source to developing highly effective SEO.

What We Share: A functional Google personal account is created for private G+ video hangouts with potential customers and/or existing customers.


YouTube has an amazing SEO benefit. It allows you to display products in action and build your reputation as an expert. Businesses that have a following or are part of a community can use YouTube as a tool to share and engage with customers as well as solve consumer problems.

How It Will Work For You: Entertaining, professional, highly optimized videos are developed utilizing targeted keywords.

What We Share: Videos will have an element that is relevant to your business. Your Channel will match the quality of your website.

How We Share: The key is to develop several videos of on-camera interviews, presentations, ads, testimonials with static images etc.