In order to ensure that your website is meeting its potential, we require an annual maintenance agreement.  This allows us to monitor your results as well as analyze its effectiveness.

In Addition, it is a way for you to request information updates and add items such as calendar events and photos.

The maintenance agreement does not include a website restructuring or additional pages, however, we understand that needs and requirements change so we can discuss those changes and fees.

In order to ensure that your website functions properly, we host all new websites.

Re-designed websites have many factors, so it all depends on the particular sites platform and characteristics.

Times and technology is constantly changing so we will have to take a thorough look at your current site.  We will have to determine its abilities and limitations to see if “tweaking” is the best option.  It is typically much easier and more effective to create a new website rather than troubleshoot and re-design an older one.

We have a very thorough process that we follow to ensure that we cover everything necessary to ensure your website is meets your needs and your are completely satisfied.

Each website has different time requirements.  We will determine your goals and our time requirements during your FREE Consultation.

Every business is unique, therefore your new website will be unique to meet your specific goals and requirements.

That’s no problem, we can figure that out during our FREE Consultation.

We offer several different packages.  You can choose the package that best meets your needs or we can customize one for you.

Here are our packages.

Here is a list of questions that we will ask to help us get started:

  1. Tell us about your company.
  2. What specific services does your company provide?
  3. What sets your company apart from your competition?
  4. Who is your target client?
  5. Do you currently have a website?
  6. What keywords will your audience use to find your website?
  7. What do you like about your existing website?
  8. Why do you want a new website?
  9. What features will your website need?
  10. What similar websites do you like and what is it you like about them?
  11. Who will provide content for the new website?
  12. Does your company have established branding?
  13. Do you need a new URL?
  14. Do you need hosting?
  15. Will the old site be moved to a new location?
  16. What is the deadline for the website?
  17. What is the budget for the website?
  18. Do you want us to handle maintenance?
  19. Would you like us to handle content marketing?
  20. What else can we do for you?

Identify some of your goals and requirements and contact us for a FREE consultation.

Since there are so many do-it-yourself options out there, is it necessary to hire a designer?  

The answer is “Yes”, for many reasons:

  1. It allows you to focus on what you do best; run your business.
  2. To ensure that it looks good, is unique, easy to navigate, works properly and reaches the proper customers.
  3. You’ve got 15 seconds or less to capture interest before the average visitor will bounce to another site.  Web designers understand these elements and can put together a site that will attract visitors.
  4. Technology is always changing; a designer will make sure your website is up to date and looks good on all devices like a desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  5. To ensure that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimized, achieves higher rankings in search results and  yields more leads, more conversions, and better ROI.
  6. A designer monitors your websites effectiveness and users through analytics.
  7. Maintaining a website is a constant, on-going task that involves a lot of time and expertise.

“You don’t know what you don’t know”


There are countless reasons, but here are 10 simple reasons:

  1. Having a website will attract new customers to your business and make you more money.
  2. It’s often times the first thing people see and customers expect it.
  3. It allows you to showcase your business.
  4. It’s how people determine your legitimacy and credibility and it proves you are serious.
  5. A website is the anchor for your marketing and provides numerous options including social media options.
  6. It’s all your information in one place and easily accessible for your customers.
  7. A website sells your products/services online 24 hours a day.
  8. A website helps you connect with customers.  Not every person is on Facebook.
  9. It’s easier and less expensive than you think.
  10. Because your competitors have one.

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